Friday, April 21, 2006

"In the final analysis silence from the Palestinians about their own recent electoral sea-change which put the Hamas into power tends to sound a little bit like the Arab press throughout the middle east which uses Israel as a foil to deflect attention away from their own dismal political failures. These small stories, while like little Vermeers are briefly interesting, are a distraction. One wonders about the blogs of the future after all the Jews are gone and the Palestinians are left with Hamas sharia-lite or worse, some kind of utterly dysfunctional government which sees every problem as something carbombs and gunfire can solve. Which in and of itself is fine if that's the destiny they've chosen. But who will you blame then? "

I'm really glad to have found this comment by Reynaud on my blog this morning. For I have been waiting for objectors to step up.

Well, dear Reynaud, I agree with you on the fact that Arab media are not doing their job of exposing our own political defects and failures. And they must! But I object totally and wholly on saying they are using Israel as a foil to deflect the attention from them.

Israel is doing terrible things in the Palestinian Territories. These "small briefly interesting" stories I'm mentioning are taking place everyday everywhere in Palestine, and need to be told. I must let the world know what's going on here, for the Israeli media, which are very smart - on contrary from the Palestinian media, play the game the right way. They know exactly what to show and where to point the spotlight, dragging the whole world's attention to the Israeli suffering and away from the suffer Israel is causing to the Palestinians.

The whole world saw crying settlers and weeping soldiers hugging during the withdrawal from Gush Katif. The whole world saw families being pulled out from the homes they grew up in. And I totally believe this was very shocking and sad for these settlers. Yet, no Israeli channel related to the historical aspect of this whole issue: that it was a step of ending occupation that lasted in Gaza for 37 years, during which the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip lived a horrible life. In order to put those settlers in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians were killed, starved, treated like animals and even worse. No one saw this on TV, not in Israel and almost nowhere in the world.

Moreover, I disagree on the fact that Palestinian media are not relating to the huge triumph Hamas achieved in the recent PLC elections. Politicians and journalists are discussing this issue nonstop. You better read more Palestinian papers and writers.

The Palestinian Authority was ruled by Fateh for 12 years, during which and for many reasons this movement failed politically and socially. So after this long time waiting for a change, after being told for years that the Oslo Agreement would be followed with an independent state for the Palestinians and all the good life aspects coming with it, whereas this people has seen only corruption from the PA, occupation, widening settlements, building an apartheid wall, and all in the name of security from the Israelis, they had to choose someone else to rule.

During the few previous years, Hamas has been working with a smart strategic plan. It filled the economical gaps corruption caused, it established social organizations and institutes which worked on giving money to the people who were starving, and started gaining more and more support among the Palestinian people.

With the lack of another alternative, and with great determination to kick Fateh out of the ruler chair, Palestinians chose Hamas. This was a way to express great disappointment with Fateh, and announce a new era.

I cannot say I'm satisfied with Hamas. I'm not a religious person, and I don't want to have a religious Palestine. I believe religion and state should definitely be separated. However, I was happy to see Fateh kicked out of the government, for it expressed the maturity of the Palestinian people. If you make mistakes, you're gonna have to pay.

As for choosing Hamas, I believe –as Nabeel Amr said yesterday, and as my collegue Mr. Rashid has been saying for months- the Palestinian people are not fanatically religious, and Hamas is definitely going to fall. This won't turn into another Taliban as the Israelis like to convince the world. And we all will see.


At 6:05 AM, Blogger Askinstoo said...

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At 8:14 AM, Blogger Ty said...

You are very right in so many ways. Israel does, indeed use the news to their advantage. Israel has also sought to keep any relief from Palestinians. The reason for their desire to interfere with aid and to make Palestinian lives miserable seems to be based in a desire to get Palestinians to move away, to places with better conditions, in order to avoid outright war (whenever possile), so that they can avoid serious centure by the international community.

I am at a loss because I don't see how Hamas helps Palestinians to avoid an even worse international reputation. Perhaps the tendancy to focus on removing Israelis rather than on survival, political stability, and international reputation has relegated them to a role as violent attackers instead of oppressed people.

I just can't help thinking that both sides are wrong.

At 11:03 AM, Blogger Askinstoo said...

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At 10:21 PM, Blogger Pete said...


This is a remarkable article! I know that you posted it a while back but I only just read it today. You are writing as clearly as you speak! I am so impressed.

Reading your thoughts makes me miss you!

Please continue to share your reflections with us. Now more than ever, those of us on the outside need an intelligent voice from within. Keep up the great work, Fayrouz!

Much love.

At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On no clearly it's a foil for you never get a clear picture of what the Palestinians are like. Today and for the last, what, 40 years, your entire economy has been the personal property of a few Hamas and Fatah cronies who suck out ever last dollar. You entire middle class has packed up and left since the end of 2000 and one literally cannot pickup a newspaper w/o reading an agitprop piece depicting the poor poor palestinians. So let's not pretend that between the daily assaults on the press and the nearly 35% of the total paper output of the UN since its inception somehow qualifies as 'we're not getting our story out'. To me that's a breath away from claiming "Jews run all the media..." Where for instance is that almost 10 billion euros Arafat stole? How did Fatah recently buy 30,000 M-16's at $1800 per while at the same time crying poverty? Did that story make it to the press? What for example, other than firing 1400 rockets into Sderot and Ashkelon has anyone in Gaza manage to accomplish on their own in the year since they were given an entirely Jew Free Gaza and proceeded to burn down 100% of the formerly Jewish infrastructure left behind? See we can talk about whatever choice morsels of hate speech dropped from Electronic Intifada today and isn't it charming, but isn't running a country actually about running it and not about donning a skimask and firing your AK in the air? Doesn't someone have to keep the streets paved, pick up the garbage and such and not just scream revolutionary rhetoric? I think so. I think Hamas will find that running a country is bit more nuanced than that. But maybe that's my own cynical nature. Maybe we should give the Palestinians another hundred years to squat in the dust blaming others.

At 8:24 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

The media must do their job. They must expose defects.

I like your post!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News


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