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I'm posting a comment my dearest friend Khaled wrote as a reply to another comment posted by "Al-Falastiniyyah" on the elections post. She disagreed with Khaled. He answered with the following:

Hey Fayrouz... and everyone. Looking at the situation and how it has been ever since there were Arab MKs I got to the conclusion I got to. The situation today is not better than before, I guess it is clearer because people now hear about it. I don't credit the MKs for that. I think a nation can be heard and even in a better way today as a mass than a pathetic representation that does not represent the feelings of the people. If we are talking about the social side of the Arab mintority in Israel, no law was passed in the Kenesset in their favor. What was good and created in the Kenesset was never addressed for the Arab minority and never proposed by an Arab MK. In my opinion the presence of the Arab MKs is doing more harm than helping in today's reality. The people are less active and involved because they rely on the representation that is not achieving anything and maybe because they can't in the context of the Kenesset. Only a mass movement can do a change (many examples from East Europe and South America nowadays) and since everything else failed so far, it is time to try the hard way for a change and do something on the basic level of contributing to devolop the people in education and finance. People have to have the stable ground before they attempt to work together as a collective that can't be ignored anymore and that is why they have to achieve their security by gaining financial and educational basis. I started going in that direction the moment I was able to, I urge the rest to do the same. Educate as much as you can and where you can, then people are more aware to the reality and to their rights and are more able to fight for them.
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At 6:52 PM, Blogger الفلسطينية said...

hi fayrouz-

i certainly see khaled's point, and yes a mass movement is needed. but my thing is where will u find a non-arab MK that will be willing to lend you that kind of support? as for arab MK's doing more good than harm, i think israelis need to understand that palestinians within 'israel' are not going anywhere, and their rights as citizens and as MKs need to be respected. I think the system is set up in such a way so that arab MKs are unaffective no matter what they do. But just because arab MK's are being outdone by non-arab MKs in the kenesset doesn't mean we should give up and not have any arab MKs, does it? I mean that's almost suggesting that just b/c u are arab you might as well give up while you're ahead. In the end though, the blatant racism in israeli soceity needs to be addressed by both palestinian-israelis and non-arab israelis in the kenesst...(i wonder if i will be alive to see the day this actually happens? hmm.) so i guess what i am saying is if we are to have a 'mass movement' like khaled suggests, it needs to be comprised of both arabs and non-arabs; i dont think we should give up on ourselves just yet.

At 11:20 AM, Blogger Khaled said...

Dear Falasteneye...

As sad as it may sound, yes there are non Arab MKs who are more effective for the Arab minority within Israel than anyone else. Sadly there are Jews who participate in the Beli'in demonstrations with the locals there more than there are Arabs from within. These voices are not heard and we all know why. In many ways I feel that the Jews are happier with the existence of the Arab MKs than us who are supposed to be represented by them. Why? because it is comfortable, they look fair on their side, and the Arab masses are quiet thinking that they have done something by getting 10 MKs into the Kenesset, where in fact they achieved nothing. I say be practical and effective where you can, and don't waste energies on participating in a game that you know you will loose before it started. The problem is that people are becoming numb when there is someone shouting on their "behalf" on T.V. and everywhere else. That is the exact opposite of what should be done - awakening the people, getting them to become aware of the abilities they posses-
Israel is more threatened by those who work in the field than those who shout on T.V. and by work I mean doing what we do, think, discuss, learn, devolop and create an intelectual and financial power that can't be disregareded one day. I want to live to that day where I can see myself as a person who can make a change, I am not planning to rely on any Bshara or Barakeh to get there, I have seen people doing that all of their lives!

At 11:46 PM, Blogger الفلسطينية said...

dear Khaled;

yes i agree that there are many people that sit around and pin their hopes on ppl like bisharra (so many ppl did this with edward said, may he rest in peace) to magically save them and their cause. but there is only so much one man (or woman) can do. like u said, we need several people to get off their couch and actively do something. so why not start with the kenesst? if we are to have no palestinian mk's what is the alternative? jewish representatives? thats fine; but there need to also be a palestinian voice. i dont think we should measure a palsetinian MK's sucsess or effectiveness based on what they do or dont get passed: the fact that they are in the kenesset and not getting laws passed b/c they are palestinian is a statement. a statement that the world needs to see. i just think a coalition b2n palestinian MKs and non-palestinian MKs will be much stronger than a jewish only or palestinian only endeavor.

At 12:36 AM, Blogger Khaled said...

Well, I don't see a coalition hapenning between them in the present situation, would have been nice, but there is no common ground of course. Eventually what bothers me is not their being in the Kenessit. As far as I am concerned they can be there, do what they want and earn all the money they want. What really bothers me, is that all the people become so active and nationalistic and idealistic and and and... when the elections are on knocking on the doors, and a bit more after it's gone. Then everyone goes back to thier warm corner and starts watching the news hoping for miracles to shower down over them. If that is the essence of the elections and the representation then screw it, I don't want to take any part of this play and I don't want anyone to lecture me about either, I don't mean you Falasteneye, I mean those who start glofying this and that and say look what we did. People are not aware of their basic rights and they fight you about national rights, about the democracy that is not democracy. Let people first secure their meal and their children's education and maybe then, and only maybe, they can come on T.V. and call for international and just recognition. We Arabs have to climb the ladder from the last step always. Why wonder then when we fall hard? While all the rest who went through all the steps stay unshaken. Let's start seeing the truth and facing it the right way... from the low point we are in... complaining about it will not move us an inch upwards.

At 6:22 PM, Blogger الفلسطينية said...

i totally agree with you- and it is a great shame that us arabs are not proactive in that sense. yes, people are very idealistic, but when push comes to shove, not many ppl are willing to dedicate their time to advancing the cause. surely, if they did, we would not be where we are now. and it is sad that people grow up without any awareness of all of the situation they are in- their rights, etc. it seems that you are frustrated trying to get people moblized! i understand how that feels; unfortunately, more often than not, the only time you can get people off the couch is to tell them that there's food in the next room:(


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